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Tusker ‘Wide Satao’ Successfully Treated For A Fresh Arrow Wound

Tusker ‘Wide Satao’ successfully treated for a fresh arrow wound

Thanks to Tsavo Trust’s Head of Monitoring, Joseph Kyalo for his close watching of Tusker known as Wide Satao on the 9th of May, when Kyalo noticed unusual behavior, and this well-known elephant to Tsavo Trust and Kenya Wildlife Service had moved quickly from a potentially unsafe area outside the park boundary of Tsavo East National Park to a safer location within the Park.

An immediate ground patrol with Tsavo Trust’s Tembo 2 monitoring unit in collaboration with KWS researchers discovered that this iconic bull tusker had been hit with an arrow, which was protruding from his right flank. This was immediately reported to Park management and rapid plans were set in motion to treat Wide Satao.

An aerial recce by Tsavo Trust the following morning was carried out to confirm Wide Satao’s location and ascertained he had an arrow on his right flank. Details and locations were passed on the appropriate Officers in charge.

KWS Research Technologist accompanied Tsavo Trust’s Tembo 2 ground team along with the KWS Tsavo Conservation Area Vet Unit to where Wide Satao was located.

Wide Satao was successfully immobilized. He was first treated for a wound on his left flank (old arrow wound – previously treated and arrow removed). He was then rolled over so that he laid on his left side to expose the current wound. The arrow was removed, and the wound treated. The arrow had hit the elephant at an angle and the injury it left was fortunately subcutaneous.

Tsavo Trust in collaboration with KWS and Save The Elephants continue to monitor Wide Satao who appears to be back to his normal behaviour. In fact, he has been observed every day since immobilization.

Thanks to the long-running and close partnership, led by KWS, with Tsavo Trust and Save The Elephants, and the professional response of key personnel from these three organisations, Wide Satao will hopefully fully recover from this injury. The prognosis is thought to be good

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