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Tsavo Trust is based and works in remote corners of Kenya’s greater Tsavo ecosystem. We are not always available on the telephone. The most reliable way to contact us directly is through email. Please fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can by email (or telephone when possible). Thank you for your understanding and for your interest in Tsavo Trust.

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Tsavo Trust
Tsavo Trust
Aerial reconnaissance is a great way to monitor the the variety wildlife in the Tsavo Conservation area. Our Pilots get the most fascinating and unique views of all the animals from a small 2 seater super cub aircraft. Recently we have been seeing great numbers of lions scattered across the ecosystem which is always a pleasant sight, and it seems they are keeping well fed.

Photo: Tsavo Trust / @nicholashaller

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Tsavo Trust
Tsavo Trust
Everyday in the field with F_DI1 is a truly special day. she’s a mover even in her old age, which makes these encounters all the more amazing. #OurWildlifeView

Our Tsavo Trust rangers keep a close watch on her and put their lives on the line to protect these beautiful elephants daily. You can help by Supporting your chosen protected area. Bringing rangers back to the field and ensure a future for wildlife.


If you haven't seen the Tsavo Trust's video please click the link below. We are desperately trying to fundraise in order to continue the security we offer for Tsavo's Elephants.

We are seeking urgent funding to maintain the current level of aerial security we provide for the last remaining ‘Big Tuskers’ of Tsavo and without the kindness and concern for conservation from our supporters, our aerial operations would be under threat TsavoTrust photo
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