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Passing Out Parade Of 2017 Wildlife Conservancy Supervisors’ Course

Passing out parade of 2017 Wildlife Conservancy Supervisors’ Course

Two Kamungi Conservancy Scouts successfully graduate from the KWS Law Enforcement Academy in Manyani, Tsavo

On the 17th of November 2017, two Kamungi Community scouts successfully passed out from the two month Wildlife Conservancy Supervisor’s Course at the KWS Law Enforcement Academy at Manyani in Tsavo. The course covered the following subjects; Drill, Bush Craft, First Aid, General Law, Battle Porcedure Order, Disaster Management, Method of Instructional Technique, Radio communication, Leadership, Fitness Training, Wildlife Education, Wildlife Act and Land Navigation.

Senior KWS officials at the event included KWS Deputy Director of Parks and Reserves, and Commandant of the KWS Law Enforcement Academy. The Kamungi Conservancy scouts were supported at their graduation by their friends and family, as well as Josh Outram from Tsavo Trust.

The two Scouts from Kamungi Conservancy, Joshua Kitavi Muli and Benjamin Ndolo Wambua, were among a select group of scouts from wildlife protection organisations around Kenya including Tsavo Trust, Kamungi Conservancy, Lewa Conservancy, Northern Rangelands Trust, The Borana Conservancy and Big Life Foundation, to succesfully graduate from the course. Joshua and Benjamin will now return to Tsavo Trust’s Tembo 3 Anti-poaching unit, based in Kamungi Conservancy in the Tsavo Conservation Area, where they will undertake their new roles having been promoted to Senior Scouts following their graduation from the KWS Law Enforcement Academy. Both Scouts are from the local community in the Kamungi Conservancy, and Tsavo Trust are proud of their achievements, having sponsored these young men through their training as Scouts.

Photographs credit: Josh Outram

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