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Rebuild Of KWS Field Patrol Vehicle

Rebuild of KWS field patrol vehicle

Tsavo Trust recently undertook a complete rebuild of a Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) field patrol vehicle that had been deployed in the harsh and rugged terrain of Tsavo for a number of years.

Reliable, all terrain vehicels are an essential component of mobile ground teams in the vast Tsavo wilderness. Tsavo Trust work closely in support of KWS in the Tsavo ecosystem, and realised a collaborative funding opportunity in early 2018 to support KWS in re-building a vehicle for a KWS field team that often operates alongside Tsavo Trust aerial and ground units.

Thanks to generous funding from Tsavo Trust donors, this Land Cruiser was completely overhauled over a period of three months. In June 2018, Tsavo Trust handed the vehicle back over to KWS, enhancing the capacity for these brave Rangers to carry out their vital patrols in protection of Tsavo’s wilderness.

Tsavo Trust looks forward to continuing to provide meaningful support to the Kenya Wildlife Service in conserving and managing wildlife resources, combatting wildlife crime and supporting specific key communities that border the Parks within in the Tsavo Conservation Area, and are very grateful for the generous support from our donors who enable us to do this.

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