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Tsavo Trust Welcomes Arrival Of Super Cub 5Y NRF

Tsavo Trust welcomes arrival of Super Cub 5Y NRF

Tsavo Trust took possession of Super Cub 5Y NRF on 4th December 2017. This was made possible by generous funding support from the Oak Foundation and the Davies Family. A huge thank you to them.

The Super Cub is an ideal aircraft for the type of flying required on aerial reconnaissance flights over Tsavo during Big Tusker Project operations. Slow, low level flight allows for effective reconnaissance by both the pilot and a rear seat observer. The Super Cub is also a relatively inexpensive aircraft to operate, providing an essential and highly effective element to the Big Tusker Project.

Since Tsavo Trust’s first Super Cub, 5Y ACE, was removed from operations two years ago, due to needing a complete rebuild, Tsavo Trust has relied on just one aircraft, another Super Cub registered as 5Y TTZ. Only having one operational aircraft limits the operational capability of Tsavo Trust’s Aerial Unit during the numerous occasions when the aircraft is not available for flights, such as scheduled maintenance, and airworthiness tests.

Thanks to the very generous support from Oak Foundation, and the Davies Family, Tsavo Trust were able to purchase another Super Cub (5Y NRF), just in time for 5Y TTZ to be grounded for about a month as her engine has nearly reached the manufacturers limit of operating hours, and a new engine is to be fitted.

Tsavo Trust can now continue to provide aerial support to KWS, even when one aircraft is not available for operations, and when both aircraft are operational, Tsavo Trust will have a greater aerial capacity to support KWS over the vast Tsavo Parks by providing more “eyes in the skies” for security and monitoring activities.

Photo Credits: Josh Outram

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