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Bridging The Electricity Gap

Bridging The Electricity Gap With Home Solar Solutions In Shirango Community Conservancy

Shirango Community Conservancy has long struggled with lack of access to electricity. The majority of households, mainly low-income families, rely on fire for basic lighting, with a few using portable spotlights. This reliance on traditional lighting methods has led to respiratory and eye health issues among the community members, deforestation, and hindered educational outcomes for school-going children. In response to this pressing issues, Tsavo Trust, in partnership with USAID and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), provided home solar solutions to 46 households, benefiting over 500 community members. This marks a significant step towards clean and reliable energy access.

The handover ceremony, attended by officials from the National Government, Kenya Wildlife Service, local communities, and Tsavo Trust, was filled with hope and excitement. “Since this area is not connected to the national electricity grid, the home solar solutions will provide reliable lighting to the beneficiary households, enabling school children to study while at home. The community should continue partnering with Tsavo Trust to fully realize the benefits of conservation,” stated the Acting Assistant County Commissioner.

20240611 Handover Ceremony 1

Photo 1: Group photo of beneficiaries and officials at the handover ceremony of home solar solutions

The home solar solutions will empower over 200 students to study while at home, resulting in enhanced educational outcomes. This investment in education nurtures the next generation of conservation stewards.

The Assistant Chief expressed gratitude, saying, “I thank Tsavo Trust for their efforts in Shirango Community Conservancy. The community has benefited from interventions such as the Earth dam, human-wildlife

conflict mitigation, biodiversity protection, Climate Smart Agriculture trainings, employment opportunities, and transportation support.”

Tsavo Trust’s Chief Community Officer emphasized sustainable practices, “Tsavo Trust will continue its partnership with Shirango Community Conservancy to enhance livelihoods and promote community-based wildlife conservation. I urge the community to consider alternative livelihoods and stop charcoaling, as it leads to land degradation.”

20240611 Handover Ceremony 5

Photo 2: Shirango Community Conservancy Chairperson and Tsavo Trust Chief Community Officer handing over a home solar solution to a beneficiary

This initiative showcases the power of collaboration in driving sustainable community development and conservation. By empowering Shirango Community with home solar solutions, Tsavo Trust and its partners have illuminated a path towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

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