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Beehive Fence Funded By Forix Foundation

Beehive Fence Funded by Forix Foundation

Thanks to the support of Forix Foundation, another 1 acre Beehive Fence has just been completed on a farm in Kamungi Conservancy, close to the boundary of Tsavo East National Park.

With the start of the rainy season kicking in elephant crop raiders are expected to increase once crops mature. This is always a serious challenge for KWS and Tsavo Trust along the Kamungi Conservancy boundary with TENP. Beehive Fences, pioneered by Dr. Lucy King’s Elephants and Bees Project and Save The Elephants, have proved to successfully deter elephants from raiding farmers crops.

As you can see from the photos below, following the recent rains in Tsavo the crops have begun to grow, and the farmer and his family have been busy ploughing the soil and sowing seeds. Tsavo Trust, in partnership with Dr Lucy King, and Kamungi Conservancy members will monitor and record elephant activity around Beehive Fences, as well as the success of the hives and the honey products which will be harvested by the farmer, and processed in a honey processing facility on Kamungi Conservancy.

Thanks to Forix Foundation for kindly supporting this project which we hope will be effective in reducing Human Elephant Conflict, increase tolerance to elephants among the community, improve the crop harvest, and provide a new and sustainable source of income through the sale of honey products.

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