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Any well managed organisation needs a strong administrative “back of house” team to streamline daily activities, oversee accounts, donor liaison and in particular with this position, to take the work load off the Chief Executive Officer to enable him to focus on conservation activities as well as liaison with potential funding options. The role requires first-class organisation skills and attention to detail, alongside excellent abilities in written communication. Self-motivation is important and, given that they live and work at our HQ for long periods of time, a good cultural fit also plays a big part.

Alia has held this position and worked full time for Tsavo Trust since beginning of April 2020. Alia has over 5 years direct hands-on administrative experience, having previously administered and overseen a conservation project at the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest on the Kenya coast. Alia has lived in the bush since she was a child and is a Kenyan Citizen. In the short time that Alia has been working for Tsavo Trust, she has shown true commitment and enthusiasm for the work and has become a vital player in the organisation.

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