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Empowering Communities And Protecting Ecosystems

Energy Saving Cooking Stoves In Kamungi Conservancy

In rural Kenya, traditional three-stone cooking method remain prevalent, posing significant challenges for communities like Kamungi Conservancy. This method results in high fuelwood consumption, inefficient heat transfer, and severe indoor air pollution, threatening both health and the environment. Recognizing the urgent need for change, Tsavo Trust, in collaboration with USAID and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), launched a transformative project to introduce energy-saving cooking stoves to Kamungi Conservancy.

These innovative stoves are simple, affordable, use less fuel and locally produced using materials such as bricks and sand. The stoves’ design includes a chimney to direct smoke outside, reducing indoor air pollution. The project has provided training to 10 youths in the construction of energy-saving cooking stoves. Subsequently, these youths were engaged by the project to build 50 stoves across 50 households. Additionally, they were contracted by the community to build an extra 15 stoves, resulting in a combined income of 73,000 Kenya Shillings. This income supports their families in meeting essential needs like food and school fees, fostering local economic growth. The project aims to construct 150 more stoves, benefiting a total of 200 households.

20240523 Kamungi Conservancy Energy Saving Cooking Stoves

Photo 1: Ten Kamungi Conservancy Youths Being Trained on Construction of Energy Saving Cooking Stoves

Community participation has been key to the project’s success. Beneficiaries contribute locally available resources like bricks, sand, water, and labor, fostering a sense of ownership and promoting sustainability.

Nichodemus Kitulu, project beneficiary “The training on energy-saving cooking stoves has equipped us with knowledge and skills. This has enabled us to earn an income, supporting basic needs like food and school fees.”

Angelica Kilonzo, another beneficiary, remarks, “The energy-saving cooking stove is a good cooking method. There is very little smoke, and it takes less time to prepare meals for my family. I used to use 15 pieces of firewood daily; now, I only use 6.” Annah Kisilwa another beneficiary adds, “Since I started using the energy-saving cooking stove, I take less time to cook and spend less time looking for firewood. These stoves have helped reduce deforestation, contributing to climate change mitigation.”

20240523 Kamungi Conservancy Energy Saving Cooking Stoves Photo 2

Photo 2: An Energy Saving Cooking Stove at one of the beneficiaries – Angelica Kilonzo in May 2024

The results are impressive. Fuelwood consumption among beneficiary households has decreased by approximately 65%, significantly slowing deforestation and protecting Kamungi Conservancy’s vital ecosystem. This benefits wildlife and biodiversity and contributes to the Sustainable Development Goal of Climate Action. Indoor air pollution has also been reduced by approximately 65%, leading to improved health and well-being. Beneficiaries like 69-year-old Angelica Kilonzo no longer suffer from smoke-induced coughing and sneezing.

Furthermore, the project promotes gender equality and empowerment. The time and fuel savings provided by the stoves have profound implications for gender equality. Women, traditionally responsible for cooking and firewood collection, now spend less time on these tasks. This frees up time for education, economic activities, and other pursuits.

This initiative addresses immediate needs for over 1,260 direct beneficiaries and paves the way for a sustainable future by reducing deforestation, improving health, empowering youths and women, and boosting local economies. Through the combined efforts of Tsavo Trust and its partners, Kamungi Conservancy is witnessing a positive change. This project exemplifies how simple, sustainable solutions can create profound, lasting impacts, fostering a healthier, more equitable, and environmentally conscious future for all.

Join Tsavo Trust in creating a future where both local communities and environment thrive. Visit our website or follow us on social media to learn how you can make a difference today.

20240523 Kamungi Conservancy Energy Saving Cooking Stoves Photo 4
20240523 Kamungi Conservancy Energy Saving Cooking Stoves Photo 5

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