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Munira K. Bashira, HSC

Tsavo Trust Board Member

Munira is a wildlife conservation manager, community development specialist and a tourism development expert with over 20 years experience in wildlife conservation and management in Kenya.

Munira obtained a Masters (MBA) in Business Administration and Tourism from the University of Cracow in Poland, as well as a BA in Business studies. She studied International Natural Resources Policy Administration and Management and Protected Area Management at the Universities of Montana and Colorado State in the USA. Moving back to the African Continent, Munira studied Community Based Natural Resource Management at Rhodes University in South Africa before returning to Kenya where she has spent the last 20 years or so becoming one of Kenya’s most respected advocates for conservation.

Since 1989, Munira has worked her way up through the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) from Administrative Assistant to Senior Warden Community Wildlife Service/USAID/KWS Program Manager and Assistant Director and Head of Community Enterprises Development.

Today she is Kenya’s Program Director for The Nature Conservancy: Africa Region.

“I have a deep passion for wildlife conservation. The Tsavo Conservation Area (TCA) is Kenya’s largest conservation ecosystem, holding a significant percentage of our wildlife species. I have over 20 years experience working in the country with communities who have taken up wildlife as a land use option. Being part of the team as a Tsavo Trust board member connects me to this concept, which is my desire to continue to advocate for impact and sustainability.”

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