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Arrived: 6/February/2017

Late afternoon on 6th February 2017, I received a call from the KWS Senior Scientist Tsavo Conservation Area (TCA) who asked if Tsavo Trust would assist to collect a rescued Pangolin from Galana Ranch and ascertain its health and status and report on the same.

We collected the Pangolin (Ground Pangolin Smutsia temminckii) from Galana Ranch (Danisa airstrip) by air and returned at sunset to Tsavo Trust HQ. The female adult Pangolin at first glance seemed in good shape, but obviously balled up and petrified due to the traumatic day it had been through.

This Pangolin was first found by some Watha community members from Kisiki Village and caught mid morning on 6th February 2017 along the riverine woodland of the Galana River. They informed Galana Wildlife Conservancy (GWC) who in turn informed KWS security team in the area, who then traveled by vehicle to collect the Pangolin. This same team informed KWS Research Dept. at TCA HQ in Voi who in turn called Tsavo Trust.

It is important to note that the areas around Kisiki village have become increasingly populated by humans in recent years as well as large-scale irrigation schemes in progress and sadly this area is no longer safe for all forms of wildlife. The need to rescue this Pangolin is therefore totally justified.


Arrived: 1/December/2016

The newest resident at the Sanctuary, Whistle the Dikdik is also the smallest. Weighing in at just 600grms and 10cm long, she can easily fit into a size 5 trainer. She kept us busy for 24 hours upon arrival as she was limp with dehydration, shock and fatigue. After sometime on a drip she perked up and was able to drink a significant amount of fluids. She was soon guzzling on milk and being very active. She has one eye full of infection and some injuries to her head and legs, however all seem to be clearing up nicely. Her story is unclear, other than she was rescued by villagers after being found abandoned by the roadside, it is likely that her mother shared the same tragic fate as Kidoko’s.


Arrived: 7/November/2016

Not more than 24 hours old this tiny Lesser Kudu was brought into TTHQ late one evening after being discovered alone by herders from a nearby village. Certainly one of the youngest animals we have had to care for, it has been a tense few weeks knowing that he can’t have received many antibodies/colustrum from his mother’s milk. We are not certain why he had been abandoned. Sadly it is highly likely that the mother was poached, or scared away by herder’s dogs, which are not just used for stock control but also for hunting. Now 3 weeks old, Kidoko is thriving at the Sanctuary and enjoys the company of Kilonzo, Thia, Funda and of course Shaun, Shiela and Shamus.


Arrived: 7/August/2016

Sadly it is suspected that Thia’s mother was caught and killed in a snare. This little Duiker came to us at just 10 days old and is a very independent lady. She is quite a character and dislikes being made a fuss of in anyway. She enjoys the company of her Kudu companions, Kilonzo and Kidoko and show suprising effection towards the our newest of arrivals. She often likes to spend ‘nights out’ only to be found waiting patiently for milk the next morning.


Arrived: 14/July/2016

This handsome Lesser Kudu was discovered lodged in a deep hole on the side of the road by Tsavo Trust’s Kamungi Scouts. He was pulled from the hole and although a little muddy and in shock, arrived at the Sanctuary in good condition, with his umbilical cord still attached. We estimated that he was 1 – 2 weeks old. Today, Kilonzo acts as a very good companion to all the other antelope in our care, he is a gentle kind sole and everyone’s ‘mate’.


Arrived: 15/May/2016

This beautiful caracal arrived at the Sanctuary after her and her brother were rescued from a bushfire. Sadly, the male, who arrived much smaller and weaker than Khalessi passed away shortly after arriving. Khaleesi however was a fighter and despite loosing a lot of hair, claws and all her whiskers, with 24 hour care she managed to pull through. Thinking there may have been some adverse effects of her terribly rocky and traumatic start, she has proved us all wrong and is now thriving and causing a lot of humor filled, playful havoc around TTHQ. This cat is a one in a million.


Arrived: 12/May/2016

This special leopard cub was rescued by herdsman outside the northern boundary of Tsavo East National Park. It was suspected that her mother had been tragically poisoned by local villagers, possibly due to stock theft. She arrived at Tsavo Trust HQ weighing a mere 1.2kgs with her eyes still closed. Dotty is now 6 months old and has grown rapidly over the last few months, her development has been healthy and normal and she weighs an impressive 20kg and consumes on average 5kg of meat a day.


Arrived: 15/December/2015

He had wondered into a local homestead in amongst a large group of livestock after the days grazing. We collected him in a Suzuki Jeep and brought him back to TTHQ. He lay down for 2 days before recovering from dehydration and the trauma of finding himself lost and alone and in the hands of humans. It is uncertain why he ended up split or orphaned from his mother as the herders claimed they did not notice him until they were back at their boma. Despite a slow and worrying start, this little character quickly perked up with the arrival of Shaun the sheep and has continued to thrive ever since. Shaun, Today, Funda is nearly a yearling and quite a handful, between himself and Shaun, they are a force to be reckoned with and provide us all with much joy and entertainment. A lively and happy soul !

Eddie and Sid

Arrived 26/October/2015

Rescued from a shop that was about to be demolished.Tragically their mother had been stoned by the shop keeper for steeling eggs. They were approximately one week old, eyes still firmly closed and with little fur. It was not long before their character shone through and they became a great source of fun and entertainment. Highly energetic and always hungry, it was all hands on deck keeping up with their demands. Today, they remain close brothers despite being over a year old. Sid had a wild girlfriend in his bedroom not long ago (the TTHQ roof) – we all look forward to the outcome of that! Eddie is a shy soul but he comes and says hi most evenings before vanishing off into the night. Very special brothers and close to all out hearts despite the constant breakages of glasses and steeling of items to be horded in the roof. A Tsavo Trust supporter recently lost one of his socks whilst having lunch, 3 months on I was happy to be able to solve the mystery and return the stolen goods.

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