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Kamungi Conservancy Success Story

Thriving harvests and sustainable living: Mwethya Kyenze’s inspirational permaculture journey In Kamungi Conservancy

In the heart of Kamungi Conservancy, where more than 2,500 people reside on the northern boundary of Tsavo West National Park, a life-changing journey unfolds. Meet Mwethya Kyenze, a visionary farmer who harnessed the power of permaculture to transform her life.

With 6 dependents, Mwethya embraced Tsavo Trust’s training in climate-smart agriculture and permaculture, a path to sustainable prosperity. In May 2023, armed with newfound knowledge, she established a thriving home garden, a beacon of sustainable practices and abundance.

Her garden, a harmonious blend of design and tradition, mirrors permaculture principles. Utilizing sack gardens, raised beds, and a traditional fence, Mwethya nurtured a variety of nutrient-rich vegetables like Kale, Spinach, Pumpkin, Amaranthus, and Cowpeas.

20230831 Kamungi Conservancy Success Story (mwethya Kyenze) Photo 2

Photo 1: Mwethya Kyenze’s home garden on 31st August 2023

20230831 Kamungi Conservancy Success Story (mwethya Kyenze)

Photo 2: Mwethya Kyenze harvesting vegetables from her home garden on 31st August 2023

Her goals were clear: ensure food security, enjoy chemical-free veggies and earn from surplus produce. Mastery of permaculture techniques – efficient space use, efficient water usage, intercropping, organic manure, and mulching – made her garden resilient and productive.

One pivotal contributor to Mwethya’s success story was the Ngiluni water project. Collecting 80 litres of water daily from the Ngiluni water tank, ingeniously transporting it via bicycle or wheelbarrow. Mwethya allocated 30 litres for her garden’s irrigation. This simple act displayed her dedication and innovation, turning limited resources into abundant harvests.

Harvesting vegetables daily from her garden not only enriched her dinner table but also saved her household a substantial sum of KES 2,000 monthly that would have otherwise been spent on store-bought vegetables. These newfound savings were redirected towards education, clothing, and other necessities, creating a positive ripple effect throughout her family’s life. Mwethya’s generosity extended to her neighbours, as she shared her harvest with two households, fostering a sense of community unity. And, in a triumphant testament to her efforts, she once sold her harvest, pocketing KES 200.

20230831 Kamungi Conservancy Success Story (mwethya Kyenze) Photo 8
20230831 Kamungi Conservancy Success Story (mwethya Kyenze) Photo 7
20230831 Kamungi Conservancy Success Story (mwethya Kyenze) Photo 5

Pests and birds posed challenges, but her permaculture wisdom triumphed with effective biological solutions, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to sustainable practices.

Mwethya’s journey taught her to create thriving gardens with minimal investment, using local resources and indigenous knowledge. Her success prompted a benchmarking visit by a social group in Kamungi Conservancy, thus enhancing their permaculture endeavours.

20230831 Kamungi Conservancy Success Story (mwethya Kyenze) Photo 6
20230831 Kamungi Conservancy Success Story (mwethya Kyenze) Photo 4
20230831 Kamungi Conservancy Success Story (mwethya Kyenze) Photo 3

Mwethya’s dream stretches beyond her present success. The upcoming rainy season promises expansion, bolstered by Tsavo Trust’s provision of a dam liner. She anticipates increased income from surplus vegetables. Eager to grow, Mwethya seeks to enhance her permaculture skills in pest and disease management.

Mwethya Kyenze’s story is one of resilience, innovation, and community upliftment. She’s a beacon of hope, proving permaculture’s transformative potential. Her garden isn’t just plants, but a symphony of nature’s harmony, inspiring sustainable dreams.

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