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Improving food security in kamungi conservancy through climate smart agriculture

Kamungi Conservancy is a community conservancy located on the Northern boundary of Tsavo West National Park, Kenya. Prolonged drought contributes to food insecurity in the local communities. Recognising this pressing challenge, Tsavo Trust, in collaboration with USAID and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), embarked on a transformative journey towards sustainable food security through Climate Smart Agriculture.

The initiative began with 180 households undergoing a comprehensive training in Climate Smart Agriculture conducted by the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation (KALRO). This program provided participants with innovative techniques tailored to Kamungi’s unique ecological context, ranging from cultivating certified drought-tolerant crops to implementing sustainable agronomic practices. A pivotal exposure visit to KALRO’s Kiboko Research Centre further enriched their learning, offering invaluable firsthand insights into cutting-edge agricultural best practices.

20240328 Kamungi Conservancy Climate Smart Agriculture Success Story

Photo 1: Part of the Harvest by a Climate Smart Agriculture Training Beneficiary Veronicah Ndungwa

Veronicah Ndungwa’s story epitomises the profound impact of this initiative. Previously struggling to yield significant harvests, Veronicah, armed with newfound knowledge, witnessed a remarkable transformation. Her harvest increased to 1,170 kilograms of maize, 180 kilograms of cowpeas, and 84 kilograms of green grams. This not only feeds her family for a year but also generates surplus produce for sale, thereby boosting their income. Jones Musyoki, another beneficiary, shares a similar success. His maize yield improved to an impressive 5,400 kilograms, along with 270 kilograms green grams. With food security firmly achieved, he expects to earn a significant Kenya Shillings 150,000 from selling the surplus produce. Central to the success of this initiative is the deep-rooted sense of community ownership. In the last planting season alone, local communities collectively invested Kenya Shillings 84,000 in purchasing certified seeds from KALRO. This significant investment underscores their commitment to the project’s sustainability.

20240328 Kamungi Conservancy Climate Smart Agriculture Success Story Photo 2

Photo 2: Kamungi Conservancy Chairperson and a Climate Smart Agriculture Beneficiary during a field visit

Beyond the 1,260 direct beneficiaries, the impact of this initiative reverberates throughout the Conservancy. With food security, the pressure on natural resources diminishes, empowering the community to redirect its focus towards wildlife conservation efforts. This harmonious coexistence between people and nature lays the foundation for a sustainable future where resilience, prosperity, and conservation thrive in tandem. In Kamungi Conservancy, Tsavo Trust and its partners have demonstrated the transformative power of knowledge and collaboration. By equipping farmers with climate-smart agricultural best practices, they are not only improving lives but also laying the foundation for a resilient and prosperous community where people and nature thrive.

20240328 Kamungi Conservancy Climate Smart Agriculture Success Story Photo 3
20240328 Kamungi Conservancy Climate Smart Agriculture Success Story Photo 4
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