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Four Tsavo Trust Rangers Complete Junior Commanders Course At Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Tsavo Trust, in partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service, operates eight anti-poaching teams dedicated to protecting the endangered wildlife species and habitats of the Tsavo Conservation Area in Kenya. We are proud to announce that four of our anti-poaching team leaders have successfully completed a junior commanders’ course at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.

20240605 Tsavo Trust Junior Commanders Course Photo 1

Photo 1: The 26 Participants of the Junior Commanders Course. These Rangers were drawn from various Conservation Areas including Tsavo, Lewa, Ol Jogi, Ol Pejeta, Borana, and Loisaba

Conducted by 51 Degrees, this intensive 10-day training program brought together 26 rangers from renowned conservation areas, including Tsavo, Lewa, Ol Jogi, Ol Pejeta, Borana, and Loisaba. The training focused on enhancing leadership, security operations, data collection, human rights, and first-aid skills, all of which are essential for effective anti-poaching efforts.

The training facilitated cross-learning among rangers from different landscapes. “I learned that rangers from other areas are just as passionate about wildlife conservation as we are,” shared Johnson Parakusaa, Tsavo Trust Assistant Head of Security. “This training has equipped us with skills and knowledge to make the right decisions in the field, emphasizing the importance of confidence and open-mindedness.”

20240605 Tsavo Trust Junior Commanders Course Training Photo 2

Photo 2: Participants Learning Critical First Aid Skills During Junior Commanders Course in May 2024 

A key component of the course was the emphasis on human rights, highlighting the need for ethical conduct during anti-poaching operations. “Every human being has rights that must be respected,” Parakusaa noted. “Proper handling of the suspects builds trust with local communities, fostering a shared responsibility for conservation.”

Upon completion, each participant underwent a formal assessment, and a report was generated detailing their performance and recommendations.

The knowledge and skills gained from this training are already being disseminated within our anti-poaching teams. Leandas Lewagat, Tsavo Trust Head of Security, emphasized the value of the training: “This training is essential. We highly recommend it for all Tsavo Trust anti-poaching team leaders.”

This training initiative was made possible through the partnership between Tsavo Trust, USAID, and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) under the Sustainable Management of Tsavo and Amboseli Landscapes Project.

20240605 Tsavo Trust Junior Commanders Course Training

Photo 3: Tsavo Trust Assistant Head of Security Participating in Junior Commanders Course in May 2024 

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