By adopting a holistic approach to the challenges facing the Tsavo region, and where appropriate working with implementing partners, TSAVO TRUST's strategic objectives reflect our crosscutting roles in community development and wildlife / environmental conservation within the wider Tsavo ecosystem, as well as our responsibilities as a not-for-profit organisation managing public funds.

In reviewing these objectives, it is important to note that - particularly in regard to its community development objectives - TSAVO TRUST's predominant function is as a stewardship organisation, building the capacity of communities in the greater Tsavo landscape to manage their own land, wildlife and other natural resources, to implement their own enterprises and to develop their own revenue streams, infrastructure and community governance frameworks.


  • Work alongside communities to mitigate resource-driven conflict and enhance community safety in the wider Tsavo Conservation Area (TCA), to provide an enabling environment for all further development;
  • Stabilise impoverished rural areas using nature-based enterprises and wildlife conservation as the catalyst;
  • Diversify livelihood options, thereby reducing communities' current economic vulnerability;
  • Generate new economic opportunities and infrastructure enabling disadvantaged communities to achieve financial independence and long-term income security (transition from a state of dependency to sustainability);
  • Enhance efficiency, productivity and sustainability of non-extractive natural resource use;
  • Assist in securing community resilience to unpredictable events ad destabilizing external factors;
  • Build institutional capacity, enhance local governance and increase participation in democratisation;
  • Improve access to water, healthcare, education, and vocational training in under-serviced communities;
  • Replace community despondency with hope and aspiration for the future;
  • Enable currently marginalised communities to benefit from, participate in and contribute to the economic, social, technological and democratic progress of their country.


  • Enhance conservation and security of the natural environment and all wildlife, including endangered species, in the greater TCA landscape, in support of and in cooperation with the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS);
  • Encourage local, national and international participation in wildlife and environmental conservation;
  • Expand wildlife dispersal areas and re-open historical wildlife migration corridors;
  • Reduce human-wildlife conflict (particularly with large predators and elephants) through assistance with implementation of mitigation measures;
  • Secure ecosystem services by protecting biodiversity;
  • Promote the value of wildlife as a national and international asset;
  • Create awareness and understanding of wild animal welfare issues;
  • Support cientific research where it enhances wildlife and environmental management capacity.


  • Encourage support for community participation in conservation enterprises and build community capacity to implement such initiatives;
  • Improve the quality of and access to environmental and conservation education across the greater TCA;
  • Create multimedia content to make information about Tsavo more widely available, to encourage tourism to Tsavo and to highlight the community development and conservation roles played by TSAVO TRUST and its partners;
  • Create awareness of environmental and conservation issues across Kenya, Africa and the world, encouraging more people to "become part of the solution";
  • Develop relevant multimedia products to share successful community enterprises models, thereby enabling their replication further afield.


TSAVO TRUST works to achieve its objectives by implementing of a range of integrated projects and programmes, and developing strategic partnerships with like-organizations: