Arrived: 6/February/2017

Late afternoon on 6th February 2017, I received a call from the KWS Senior Scientist Tsavo Conservation Area (TCA) who asked if Tsavo Trust would assist to collect a rescued Pangolin from Galana Ranch and ascertain its health and status and report on the same.

We collected the Pangolin (Ground Pangolin Smutsia temminckii) from Galana Ranch (Danisa airstrip) by air and returned at sunset to Tsavo Trust HQ. The female adult Pangolin at first glance seemed in good shape, but obviously balled up and petrified due to the traumatic day it had been through.

This Pangolin was first found by some Watha community members from Kisiki Village and caught mid morning on 6th February 2017 along the riverine woodland of the Galana River. They informed Galana Wildlife Conservancy (GWC) who in turn informed KWS security team in the area, who then traveled by vehicle to collect the Pangolin. This same team informed KWS Research Dept. at TCA HQ in Voi who in turn called Tsavo Trust.

It is important to note that the areas around Kisiki village have become increasingly populated by humans in recent years as well as large-scale irrigation schemes in progress and sadly this area is no longer safe for all forms of wildlife. The need to rescue this Pangolin is therefore totally justified.