Joshua's Story

Young boy attacked by an elephant

Joshua's Story

Joshua had been shopping at his local village, which borders onto the Tsavo Conservation Area. On his way home, he came across an elephant on the path in front of him. He turned away and headed off in the opposite direction, not realizing there was another elephant hidden by the thick bush.

By the time he realized he was in danger, the elephant was now very close. Joshua attempted to back away slowly, however he was heavily laden with his shopping and tripped over backwards onto the path. Frightened by Joshua’s presence, the elephant came charging out of the bush and began to attack both the shopping and Joshua, putting a tusk through his leg, and crushing his arm. At that point, villagers heard the boy’s screams and the sound of an angry elephant and rushed to help him. A passing motorbike and loud noises from the villagers helped scare the group of elephants away.

With serious injuries, Joshua was loaded onto the same motorbike that saved his life and was taken to the nearest town, Mtito Andei. It was a grueling journey with his broken bones and open wounds, supporting himself on the driver with the help of another man on the back holding him steady - the drive took at least 45 minutes. He was later taken by a Sheldrick Trust vehicle to the local hospital, where it became apparent his injuries needed specialist care. Tsavo Trust was informed of the incident and immediately organized his evacuation to Kijabe Mission Hospital in the Rift Valley, where he received specialist treatment and has now gone onto make a full recovery.

Joshua fully recovered and back in school

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