Beehive Fences - Pilot Project, May 2017 Update

Beehive Fences - Pilot Project, May 2017 Update

Updates on the pilot project Beehive Fences

Most hives are fully occupied, fences are being weighed down with honey. Now it is time to put in the super box and queen excluders. Sadly we are in the middle of a drought, the amount of rainfall this season was well below expectations, and now the community faces the beginning of the next dry season which is likely to last until October.

This means that farmers have not planted any crops, and therefore there has not been any issues with elephants and crop raiding, so there is little to report on this aspect of the project. BUT the hives are doing well and will be well up and running for the next rains and crops.

It will be great to add any extra acres of fence as all the farms are crying for one. On Dr. Lucy King's recommendation (experience from many trial and errors on different sized farms) we are going to stick to one acre sections throughout. She has learnt that any bigger, is too difficult for farmers to manage and smaller does not yield enough. We are definitely going for the "less is more" theory, where one acre sounds small, but the crops are more intensely farmed, better managed and therefore yield a better product. 

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