Supporting Tsavo Trust

Thank you for your interest in supporting Tsavo Trust. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

Donate Online

Online donations for Tsavo Trust can be made via our JustGiving page or via Paypal.

Donate by Direct Debit or Bank Transfer

If you prefer to make a direct deposit or a bank transfer, please contact us for details.

How To Donate and Support

Donate in USA

Contact Tsavo Trust:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: +254(0)722203554
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Donate in UK

Tsavo Trust partners with the Tusk Trust in the UK to provide a fundraising platform for Tsavo Trust programmes. Tusk Trust is a UK Registered Charity (no. 803118) with twenty years experience initiating and funding conservation and community programmes throughout Africa.

When making a donation to Tsavo Trust via Tusk Trust, we kindly request you to clearly state your contribution is for Tsavo Trust. This will ensure your donation is swiftly and efficiently routed to Tsavo Trust.

If you would like your donation to go towards a particular TSAVO TRUST project or programme, please state this clearly too. If not, Tsavo Trust will use the funds for the projects, which are most urgently in need at the time.

Click here to donate via Tusk Trust

Donate in Kenya

Cheques, in KSH or USD and made out to 'Tsavo Trust', can be mailed to:

Tsavo Trust, P.O. BOX 204, Mtito Andei 90128, Kenya, East Africa.

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Buy a T-Shirt for a tusker!

Buy a T-Shirt for a tusker!
People's Choice Apparel in California have joined forces with Tsavo Trust to produce a range of distinctive tusker t-shirts, using PCA's eco-HD all-over printing technique. Buy yours now to show your support of our conservation work!

Click here to buy a t-shirt

Corporate Sponsorship

Tsavo Trust offers appealing opportunities to partner with corporations wishing to support us on a regular monthly basis as part of their CSR obligations. Please contact us to discuss.

Tsavo Dreams

Tsavo Dreams

Inspire the next generation of conservationists with this new children's book written by Aubrey Porter about a young boy and an elephant in Tsavo.

Thank you Aubrey for raising awareness about Tsavo and the plight of its elephants and wildlife through this magical novel - we must do everything to inspire all the children of today to be passionate about the natural world and to continue our efforts in preserving it.

To support conservation and buy this book visit:

Example Tsavo Trust Costs

Your contribution towards providing extra protection for Tsavo's Great tuskers

An investment for elephants and people

It costs Tsavo Trust £5,500 / $8,000 each month to keep our aircraft flying over Tsavo, monitoring Tsavo’s last great tuskers and famous red elephant herds. Your donation can help provide extra protection for these awesome giants of the animal kingdom, while safeguarding people’s livelihoods that depend on wildlife tourism.

Any amount, large or small, will do a lot to help - here are a few examples of what your donation can accomplish:

£5,500 / $8,000 keeps our conservation aircraft airborne for one month, including fuel, maintenance and all associated running costs.

£1,840 / $2,940 keeps fuel in our conservation aircraft for one month.

£625 / $1,000 covers the cost of two essential aircraft safety and maintenance checks, required by law every 50 hours of flying.

£160 / $260 keeps our conservation aircraft in the air for one hour, including fuel, maintenance, and all associated running costs.

£120 / $185 contributes towards the salary of an aircraft attendant, helping to provide employment in an area of high unemployment in Kenya.

£16 / $25 pays for a monthly supply of aero oil, essential for the functioning of the aircraft.

£10 / $16 provides a useful contribution to Tsavo Trust's 'Big Tusker Project' when combined with support from our other partners.


Please donate online via our JustGiving page, or send a cheque made out to TSAVO TRUST to PO Box 101, Mtito Andei 90128, Kenya. Thank you.