Elephant herd on the Galana River, Tsavo East

Partners and Supporters

Thank you one and all

Tsavo Trust is committed to working alongside local and international partners to expand and extend the impact of our work. Many individuals and a growing group of institutional and corporate sponsors are helping us to achieve our goals.

Tsavo Trust operates alongside and in support of Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), the national wildlife authority.

Conservation Partners


Corporate Conservation Sponsors

Tsavo Trust's corporate conservation sponsors support us on a regular monthly basis (or with an annual contribution) and greatly assist TSAVO TRUST in fulfilling our conservation role in Kenya's largest and most important natural ecosystem.

Conservation Kids

Tsavo Trust is supported by these Kenyan schools, where the children have come up with innovative ideas to raise money for our conservation work.

Personal Conservation Supporters

Tsavo Trust could not carry out its work without the support of a great many individuals who contribute both in cash and in kind. Every contribution makes a difference and we appreciate each and every donation, whether large or small. Thank you to everyone who is helping us to get the job done.

Contact us to discuss opportunities for becoming a Tsavo Trust Corporate Conservation Sponsor and fulfilling your company's CSR obligations.

Click here to give Tsavo Trust your personal support - thank you.

Kenya Wildlife Service
The Zoological Society of London
Save The Elephants
The Askari Project
Wildlife Without Borders
International Elephant Foundation
The Banda School
Woodtiger Fund
Pembroke House
Tusk Trust
Salama Fikira
Africa Spirits Ltd.
Wines of the World
Satao Camp
Southern Cross Safaris
Captain Andy's Fishing Supply
Now Or Never Africa
JW Seagon
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Kuruwitu Conservation and Welfare Association