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Tsavo Trust Board

  • Hon. Justice Nzioki Wa Makau

    Hon. Justice Nzioki Wa Makau

    Chairman of the Board

    A Judge of the Industrial Court of Kenya, Hon. Justice Nzioki wa Makau is a lifelong conservationist who has been visiting Tsavo since he was a child and now brings his own children here to experience and learn about nature. From his years with the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission to his current duties as a Judge, Nzioki has dedicated his life to public service, and his commitment to TSAVO TRUST is an extension of that philosophy.

    Hon. Mr Justice Nzioki wa Makau is a former Attorney and Investigator at the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission (KACC) as well as at the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC), the successor of KACC. He is a former Prosecutor in the now defunct Kenya Anti Corruption Authority (KACA), the precursor to KACC and EACC. Presently, he is a Judge of the Industrial Court of Kenya and Chair of the Rules Committee of the Industrial Court.

    As a hands-on Chairman, Nzioki is actively involved with TSAVO TRUST's ongoing development and frequently visits Tsavo.

    “Growing up in Nairobi, the allure of the wild was always beckoning. The many visits to Tsavo East and Tsavo West as a Member of the Wildlife Club at Starehe Boys Centre opened up my eyes to the beauty of the vast reaches of Tsavo.

    As a teenager, I visited Tsavo East at a time when the elephants Eleanor and Bukanezi were frequent visitors to the Park Offices. I had an encounter with Bukanezi in 1987 - my very first time to touch an elephant. He was wild but was close to humans – especially amazing considering this was during the time of madness that saw the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of elephants across Africa.

    When I got employment, I made sure that each year I would visit a National Park. I have been to many parks and reserves such as Masai Mara, Mt. Kenya, Tsavo East, Tsavo West, community wildlife conservancies, Nairobi National Park, Amboseli National Park. I have become increasingly upset by the senseless slaughter of wildlife, especially elephants, and when I had a chance encounter with Ian and Tanya Saunders we realised we had similar views on the problems besetting Tsavo. The understanding I had of the area, the communities and the law enabled me to connect deeply with the issues and I finally had people I could partner with in order to fight for the preservation of this vast ecosystem. I then met Richard and Vanessa and was enthralled that there were more who were willing to go the extra mile to salvage our wonderful heritage.

    The unique skills set in our “motley crew of five” is a mix rare to find and I am sure Tsavo Trust will achieve its goals and enable the Communities around the Parks to become the epitome of preservation of the Tsavo ecosystem.”

    — Nzioki wa Makau - Chairman of the Board, TSAVO TRUST

  • Richard Moller

    Richard Moller

    Co-Founder and CEO

    Born and bred in Kenya, fulltime Tsavo resident and Honorary Warden with the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), Richard Moller is one of the country's most respected hands-on conservation project managers. A passionate conservationist, he brings to TSAVO TRUST over 15 years of practical field experience in wildlife conservation. Star of Discovery Channel's 'Game Ranger Diaries,' he cut his teeth in the field of conservation management at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, which is a 60,000-acre rhino sanctuary, holding both black and white rhino alongside a multitude of other species including the 'Big Five' and 20% of the world's remaining population of the highly endangered Grevy's Zebra. In May 2013, Richard was appointed to sit on the KWS Elephant Management Committee for the Tsavo Conservation Area (TCA). This committee works to address current elephant security and management issues.

    • Kenya Wildlife Service Honorary Warden

    • During his 11 years at Lewa, he worked his way up from Works and Logistics Manager to Chief Conservation Officer and Deputy to the CEO.

    • Skilled in practical, hands-on conservation management.

    • Highly experienced in mass wildlife capture and translocation.

    • Holds the rank of Inspector with the Kenya Police Reserve.

    • A highly experienced bush pilot, with over 3,300 hours of piloting light aircraft in challenging conditions.

    • Flight experience has included participating in aerial game censuses, conducting joint aerial security patrols with KWS, wildlife monitoring and tracking, veterinary deployments and aerial back-up to armed and unarmed anti-poaching patrols.

    • Regarded as an expert in conservation of endangered species and involved in formulating policy alongside KWS.

  • Stuart Herd

    Stuart Herd

    Cofounding Board Member

    3rd generation Kenyan entrepreneur and childhood friend of Richard Moller, Stuart says; "Richard was born to be good in the bush, he always caught bigger fish than I and was a better shot with an air gun. This was annoying at times but years later I was delighted when he told me about his plans to set up Tsavo Trust... how could I help?" A pilot himself, Stuart donated a Piper Super Cub to Tsavo Trust to assist in the initial start up of the Trust. Through Stuart's varied business interests, including the famous Talisman Restaurant in Nairobi, he assists in strategy and funding for TT.

    "I hate to see our wildlife being decimated by human greed, Africa and Kenya in particular have a wonderful wildlife resource that we all must help to protect "

  • Munira K. Bashira, HSC

    Munira K. Bashira, HSC

    Tsavo Trust Board Member

    Munira is a wildlife conservation manager, community development specialist and a tourism development expert with over 20 years experience in wildlife conservation and management in Kenya.

    Munira obtained a Masters (MBA) in Business Administration and Tourism from the University of Cracow in Poland, as well as a BA in Business studies. She studied International Natural Resources Policy Administration and Management and Protected Area Management at the Universities of Montana and Colorado State in the USA. Moving back to the African Continent, Munira studied Community Based Natural Resource Management at Rhodes University in South Africa before returning to Kenya where she has spent the last 20 years or so becoming one of Kenya’s most respected advocates for conservation.

    Since 1989, Munira has worked her way up through the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) from Administrative Assistant to Senior Warden Community Wildlife Service/USAID/KWS Program Manager and Assistant Director and Head of Community Enterprises Development.

    Today she is Kenya’s Program Director for The Nature Conservancy: Africa Region.

    “I have a deep passion for wildlife conservation. The Tsavo Conservation Area (TCA) is Kenya’s largest conservation ecosystem, holding a significant percentage of our wildlife species. I have over 20 years experience working in the country with communities who have taken up wildlife as a land use option. Being part of the team as a Tsavo Trust board member connects me to this concept, which is my desire to continue to advocate for impact and sustainability.”

    Munira K. Bashira

  • Patricia Awori

    Patricia Awori

    Pat holds a degree in International Relations, with a minor in the behavioral sciences. She has continued study in Biodiversity and co-authored a published paper on Biodiversity

. She has a wide area of expertise and has contributed to various Kenyan legislations such as the wildlife bill.

    She is Director of Pan-African Wildlife Conservation Network. In that capacity, she has worked to bring together 30 of the 37 African Elephant Range States under the umbrella of the African Elephant Coalition. She has also spoken in a wide variety of conservation and environmental forums, including the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences. 
Most recently she is a founder member of the new Conservation Alliance of Kenya.
    Currently Pat serves on the Boards of Ambsoeli Trust for Elephants, Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust and Tsavo Trust, and is a consultant for IFAW.

    “The Tsavo Conservation area is the flagship for conservation in Kenya and I am humbled to be a part of Tsavo Trust whose work will ensure the survival of these extraordinary entity and its iconic elephants”

Tsavo Trust Staff

Staff members at Tsavo Trust

Josh Outram

Josh Outram

Pilot and Assistant Conservation Officer
Joseph Kyalo Kimaile

Joseph Kyalo Kimaile

Field Coordinator
Joseph Mutiso

Joseph Mutiso

Community Liaison Officer for Kamungi Conservancy
Mwangangi Koti

Mwangangi Koti

Aircraft and HQ Foreman
Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson

UK Representative