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Pangolin Rescue Report

Shows the female Ground Pangolin in good shape at Tsavo Sanctuary, where she spent the night of 6th February 2017 under observation, prior to release into TENP on 7th February 2017.

Late afternoon on 6th February 2017, I received a call from the KWS Senior Scientist Tsavo Conservation Area (TCA) who asked if Tsavo Trust would assist to collect a rescued Pangolin from Galana Ranch and ascertain its health and status and report on the same.

We collected the Pangolin (Ground Pangolin Smutsia temminckii) from Galana Ranch (Danisa airstrip) by air and returned at sunset to Tsavo Trust HQ. The female adult Pangolin at first glance seemed in good shape, but obviously balled up and petrified due to the traumatic day it had been through.

Leopard cub - first few months

Leopard cub - first few months

New born to 5 months

On first arrival and for the first two weeks, the leopard cub needed around the clock care with feedings every 2 - 3 hours of electrolytes and milk as her condition was poor and she was very weak. However, once she gained her strength, her weight began to increase at an astonishing rate and she soon grew out of our bathroom! She went from drinking 100mls of milk per day to a litre and was soon on solids. Since starting a meat diet, she has continued to grow rapidly and is changing everyday.