Tsavo Sanctuary - caring for and rehabilitation of orphaned animals

Animal Welfare Programme

Animal Welfare Programme

The development of a professional field based facility for the care, rehabilitation and release of orphaned, injured and sick small mammals indigenous to the TCA through the Tsavo Sanctuary.

Wild animal welfare is an aspect of conservation, which is often overlooked or misunderstood in Kenya, due partly to a lack of awareness and partly to a lack of resources. Tsavo Trust is initiating a programme specifically seeking to address the challenge of improving the standards and understanding of wild animal welfare in Kenya, and highlighting the role it plays in the wider conservation agenda. While care for individual animals will rarely be responsible for saving a species or making a significant impact ecologically, Tsavo Trust believes that we have too few wild animals left in the world to ignore the value of each individual.

Our other programmes focus on big-picture conservation challenges, but we nonetheless believe that every single wild animal is important in its own right. Furthermore, the engagement of people with wildlife on an emotional level - both in Kenya and around the world - can introduce them to wider conservation and protected area management issues and can lead to greater support for these broader initiatives and a deeper understanding of the value of wildlife to the economy, ecology and security of countries like Kenya.

Tsavo Sanctuary Orphaned Animals

  • Caracal

  • Dikdik

  • Leopard

    An orphaned female leopard cub named 'Dotty'

  • Mongoose

  • Lesser Kudu - Kidoko


  • White Tailed Mongoose

  • Zebra - Funda