TSAVO TRUST is a Kenyan non-profit organisation working in support of wildlife, habitat and communities in southern Kenya's Greater Tsavo Ecosystem.

We do this through the development of Community Wildlife Conservancies, which address the human factors leading to the destruction of wildlife and the environment, as well as through direct wildlife conservation projects such as our Big Tusker Project which provides extra protection and monitoring for the world's greatest tuskers.


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Stabilization through Conservation or StabilCon is a philosophy initially developed by the TSAVO TRUST, which provides a new approach to contemporary conservation challenges by mitigating the causes of the illegal wildlife trade, poaching and unsustainable natural resource use. StabilCon provides pre-emptive as opposed to reactive solutions; it addresses the human factors causing the destruction of wildlife and natural resources: physical insecurity, economic insecurity and environmental insecurity. Crucially, StabilCon lends a greater value to conservation than the people living alongside wildlife and governments currently give it, and presents a more compelling reason to better protect our wildlife and natural habitats as agents of security, stability, and prosperity.


Our team at TSAVO TRUST lives year round in Tsavo, allowing us to fully appreciate and understand the needs and challenges faced by our fellow Tsavo residents. We are working with our community neighbours to develop a network of Community Wildlife Conservancies buffering the Tsavo National Parks, incorporating holistic, multi land use, nature-based enterprises. Through stewardship of these community-owned conservancies, our aim is to enable currently marginalised societies to attain financial independence through the conservation of their natural resources, including wildlife. Read more >>>



TSAVO TRUST is working alongside the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), the national wildlife authority, to support KWS’s anti-poaching and conservation work within the Tsavo East, Tsavo West and Chyulu Hills National Parks. This program compliments the work TSAVO TRUST is doing outside the National Parks to enhance community participation in holistic, long term conservation initiatives. Our first wildlife conservation initiative is our 'Big Tusker Project'.





Wild animal welfare is an aspect of conservation, which is often overlooked or misunderstood in Kenya, due partly to a lack of awareness and partly to a lack of resources. TSAVO TRUST is planning a programme specifically seeking to address the challenge of improving the standards and understanding of animal welfare in Kenya. Read more >>>



Tsavo is one of East Africa's largest and most important natural habitats and is a valuable economic and environmental asset for Kenya. To help address the myriad threats facing this important region, TSAVO TRUST operates a range of integrated programmes, injecting new thinking into contemporary conservation challenges. By working alongside our fellow Tsavo residents, the ultimate goal of the TSAVO TRUST team is to help ensure the survival, security, ecological integrity and revenue-earning potential of the wider Tsavo ecosystem for generations to come - for the good of the wildlife, the people and the environment. Read more >>>

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The adjoining Tsavo East, Tsavo West and Chyulu Hills National Parks and the surrounding community areas into which Tsavo's wildlife disperses constitute Kenya's most valuable ecosystem and one of the world's largest and most important protected areas, spanning 16,000 square miles (42,000 square kilometres) in Kenya.