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Wildlife Conservation in Tsavo

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The last few...

Protecting the world’s last big tuskers

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Tsavo Super Tuskers


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Eyes in the Sky



aerial monitoring

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and Education


Improving Livelihoods

The Community

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Community in support of Wildlife

Tackling the illegal wildlife trade alongside KWS

Tsavo Conservation Area

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Co-ordinated Protection

Aerial and ground support to Kenya Wildlife service

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Animal Welfare - rehabilitating orphaned, sick, and injured animals into the wild

Working in support of KWS

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Wildlife Conservation in Tsavo, Kenya

Tsavo Trust is an action orientated, field-based, Kenyan not-for-profit conservation organisation that works to give the wildlife and people of Tsavo the right to a future.  

Headquartered in the Tsavo Conservation Area (TCA), specifically within Kamungi Conservancy on Tsavo East National Park’s northern boundary, we are a team of professionals from the world of conservation and wildlife management, with a long history of living and working in the Tsavo region, and an understanding of its importance to Kenya. The TCA holds significant wildlife populations, both inside and outside the National Parks, including extremely large numbers of high value species - elephant and black rhino (40% and 18% of Kenya’s populations, respectively). 

We are working towards protecting wildlife and its habitat as well as promoting community engagement in conservation challenges in the TCA, Kenya. Tsavo Trust is committed to working in partnership with governmental, nongovernmental, community and private stakeholders to attain a shared vision for a sustainable future for the TCA.

How You Can Help

Founded in October 2013, we are now at an exciting crossroad in our evolution. Over the next ten years, Tsavo Trust has the remit and appetite to grow considerably, undertaking three targeted and focused work-streams:

Big Tusker Project

Wildlife Conservation Programme

Continuing as a reliable and key conservation partner to the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) through the provision of meaningful aerial and ground support. This relates to not only monitoring and data collection, but also mounting responses to any imminent threats. We will endeavour to create secure buffers bordering the formal Protected Area (PA).

Kamungi Conservancy

Community Conservancy

Developing and stewarding self-governing, community-led wildlife conservancies within the Tsavo Conservation Area (TCA), including the fostering of partnerships with other organisations already working in support of wildlife, habitats and communities in the Tsavo ecosystem.

Tsavo Sanctuary

Animal Welfare

Developing the Tsavo Sanctuary - a rescue centre for the care, rehabilitation and release of orphaned, injured and sick small mammals indigenous to the TCA. A strong emphasis will be placed on animal welfare and local community education. Importantly, we will ensure that – wherever possible and as soon as they are ready – the animals in our temporary care are given the best possible chance to return to the wild (something that is too often not the case).



Our impact is clear and measurable

Between 2013 and 2016, Tsavo Trust played a significant role alongside KWS in reducing elephant poaching by over 50% in the TCA.

In 2016 alone, 702 hours were flown, covering 52,650 miles.

This accounted for 142 arrests, 2 responses to armed contacts, recovering 62 elephant tusks, locating 18 poacher camps / hides and recovering 1,050 wire snares.

No-nonsense, action-oriented and with our eyes always set to the horizon, the Tsavo Trust is out there making a difference every day.

Tsavo Trust Board

Nzioki Wa Makau

Nzioki Wa Makau

Chairman Of The Board

Richard Moller

Richard Moller

Co-Founder and CEO

Stuart Herd

Stuart Herd

Cofounding Board Member

Munira Bashir

Munira Bashir

Board Member

Patricia Awori

Patricia Awori

Board member

Partners and Supporters

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